Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Instead of a shag rug try a pure wool Flokati rug instead

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Flokati is a pure wool rug made in Greece by a traditional process.

Cherished as family treasures, part of brides' dowries and used as wall-hangings and bed covers as well as rugs. 

Traditionally the original Flokati was made from sheep or goats hides undyed and very popular in Greece or Turkey.

Today, Flokatis are still unique in the way they are made.

So when you own a Flokati, you not only own a beautiful floor covering, but also a little bit of history. 

They begin with pure natural sheep's wool that's spun into yarn, and woven to create long loops. 

The distinctive Flokati pile is then cut by hand. 

A unique process follows: 
  • Each and every Flokati is carried to mountain waterfalls where it's washed for hours in deep vats. 
  • The swirling stream fluffs the long yarns into luxurious lively softness. 
  • The original Flokati technique and it's never changed--Science cannot duplicate it. 
  • Only the power of a waterfall can produce the special quality of a Flokati.

Greek Flokatis are natural wool. 

This means your rug will wear long and well. 

It will keep its rich sheen and softness year after year. 

Flokatis are as legendary for their strength as for their beauty.

Being wool, they not only spring back into shape but are naturally static and flame resistant. 

They simply are a fine investment in lasting loveliness.

Even though Flokatis rugs can endure a lot of abuse they are not immune to the ravages of hard soils, grit and heavy dirt.

Be sure to have your Flokatis cleaned of all the abrasive materials at least once a year so it can last generations rather than just a few years.

We recommend Luv-A-Rug Services Inc. at 445 Beta Street in Victoria BC. The owner has developed specialized equipment to vibrate out the abrasive dirt from rugs which he sells worldwide under the brandname of RugBadger.

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