Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Why Hamedan rugs are so popular

Hamedan rugs!

What’s to love about these particular rugs from this region?

Many things!

Hamedan is one of the world’s oldest cities and is mentioned under the name of Ecbatana in the Bible, see the book of Esther.

The city is a center for trading with carpets that are manufactured in the hundreds from nearby villages and cities.
 The best of these carpets are sold under their own names such as Nahavand, Tuiserkan, Malayer or Hosseinabad.

The more simple carpets from the area are sold under the generic term Hamedan .

Examples of carpets sold under the name of Hamedan are Burchalow, Enjilas, Hosseinabad, Lilihan, Khamse, Zanjan and Malayer carpets.

They are easily recognized with their typical patterns (mostly geometrical, but floral motifs also occur.) and sizes.

The most common pattern is what’s known as the Herati - a flower centered within a diamond.

Hamedan rug are usually made with a shiny and often natural dyed handspun yarn which provides a very durable surface and beautiful color scale.

Older carpets (before 1920) are often tied on wool warp, different from today’s cotton warp.

The younger carpets (after 1960) often have synthetic colors and less fine wool than older carpets
In general Hamedan are quite durable and very affordable.

So the next time you’re out and happen to be near a rug gallery, ask to look at the Hamedan rugs.
I am sure you will find them beautiful and hard to resist!

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