Thursday, December 4, 2008

The small moments

This week seems like it is a really long week because today I thought it was Thursday,it is Wednesday, so I get to experience two Thursdays this week. On Tuesday it was very mild and sunny, until around 2:30pm when the sun disappeared behind the clouds for the day. It was a very slow morning, a few phone calls, two clients picking up their clean area rugs, nothing major to deal with, that was until the sun went behind the clouds. Between 2:45pm and 4:30pm I had no less than three clients in the shop at one time. It also didn't help that the debit machine decided to stop working. That took 20 minutes to fix. It worked fine in the morning than decided it was going to have a 'system error' in the afternoon. If I had figured it out earlier that it wasn't just that particular credit card I was trying to charge I would of had it fixed before the rush and probably prevented the wait between clients.
Between having six rugs dropped off by courier, our binding guy dropping off five rugs and the eight rugs dropped off by clients, and a few rug pick ups there was no shortage of things for me to do. I had three separate piles of rugs I was trying to keep sorted so there weren't any missed rugs or rugs going into the wrong area. The rush happened because I thought about getting some lunch, I was just going to finish off what I was doing then go get a wrap. I did get my wrap at 4:40pm, but I didn't get to eat it. I had a dinner guest over Tuesday night and we ate dinner at 8pm. My blood sugar was getting very low by the time I got to eat.
I am glad that I am a person who can appreciate the small things life has to offer. Around five o'clock as things where winding down for the day and rush hour was picking up, my co-worker pointed out the window and said that the sunset was amazing. I looked and it was.
I love it when the sky looks like it is on fire. Just right mix of clouds and colour. Another good thing is that my camera has a sunset setting feature for taking pictures of sunsets. I took a couple using the regular setting and
a couple using the sunset setting and there was a big difference in colours. Both pictures are fine, but the one I took using the sunset setting captured the truer colours of the sunset. Having both pictures together it almost looks like a time lasped sunset, but it is not I took the pictures within minutes of each other. I don't expect tomorrow to be as busy as today. It seems to be really busy one day and really slow the next. Soon the rush will be on for people to want their area rugs cleaned by the holidays so next week will probably be busy every day. We can only hope! Thanks for reading RugloverMary