Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rug Cleaning and Snow=Oil and Water

I have not been in the mood to write a blog at all. I have had too much on my mind to be able to concentrate on work let alone writing a blog. I think this is the worst December I have had. A bunch of my friends are also experiencing a unfortunate month. I am not going to write about why I am having a bad month because it has nothing to do with work and it cannot be changed. I have conceded that it is just how it goes. I was really happy on the weekend though because it snowed! Yes SNOW in Victoria, BC. It has been darn cold all weekend though, but the sun has been shining. That is what I love about snow, after it snows the sun usually shines, unlike after it rains where it is grey and gloomy.

My poor little five pound Chihuahua, Texas, isn't happy about the snow. He isn't built for cold, wet snow, poor thing. Even with his sweater on he wasn't very warm. Whenever it was time to go outside I had to carry him where there was snow and put him down where the path was bare.
He got really unhappy about the snow yesterday that when he went outside he started yelping like he was hurt. He wasn't hurt he just didn't want to be in the snow.
Whereas my Jack Russell, Daisey, who hates the rain, loves the snow. She will run around like she is crazy, chase snowballs, and dig around in it. It is very cute. When the snow is deeper than she is tall she will jump through it like a rabbit. Okay enough about my dogs back to area rugs.

Saturday was a good day at Luv-A-Rug, we got around twenty area rugs for cleaning. It was a nice steady day of clients dropping off and a few picking up. They were fortunate enough to get here before the snow started falling. It started snowing around 7pm at my house and didn't stop until early Sunday morning, I think around 2am because I don't remember it snowing when I got home.

The downside of the snow is that the water pipes at the cleaning shop froze, so we couldn't clean any area rugs today. We are fixing the problem, but the cold snap is putting a kink in everything. It is one of those unexpected things that you just have to grin and deal with it. We are doing what we can and will be making sure our clients don't have a bare floor for the holidays. Too bad we can't clean the area rugs using the snow. I have heard of it being done, but I don't think it will be a technique that Luv-A-Rug will use.

I would have liked to have included a picture of the snow in today's blog, but I didn't take any on the weekend. I thought about taking a picture today, but it wouldn't look great with all the snow beaten down and looking brown from the traffic. I may get another chance to take some pictures of good, clean, undisturbed snow, I just heard that we maybe getting more snow. I am happy about it, but drivers and business owners are not, hey just chalk it up to it being a bad December 2008! LOL!

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