Thursday, November 27, 2008

The King of Fringes

There are fringes and then there are Fringes. I do believe that these are the longest fringes I have ever seen on an area rug. What surprised me the most is that they are wool fringes. Usually wool fringes fray the quickest, but after chatting with the owner of the rug she spilled her secret to fringe longevity; She tucked the fringes under the area rug. That works!
I am curious as to why the weaver made the fringes so long. I just had a silly thought; The area rug was supposed to be 12 feet long but the weaver made it too short so they added really long fringes to make up the difference. I warned you it was silly.
Forgive me I am sleep deprived again!! I won't bore you with how happy that makes me feel. When you haven't had a good night's sleep in almost two weeks you realize that zombies really do exist. I am fast becoming a walking zombie. My roommate has been oh so happy with my moods lately . AH! The caffeine has kicked in so now I am thinking silly thoughts.

Back to area rug fringes. What would you do if you had an area rug that had 10 inch long fringes? Me? I would trim them back to around 4 inches after I took a picture of the rug with the 10 inch fringes,(my co-worker wanted me to say that I would trim them back to 9 1/2 inches to keep with the theme of silly thoughts, yeah not so much). 

The fringes make this runner very unique. I enjoy Turkish area rugs because of the uniqueness that is incorporated into them. Whether it be using florescent accents colours, really long fringes, the unique designs or the way they weave kilims. Turkish weavers seem to be very quirky and I like quirkiness. I do apologize, I seem to be rambling and not making a lot of coherent sense. I guess the Zombifacation is getting stronger. Huh! For some reason spell check doesn't recognize zombifacation as a real word, spell check has apparently never been in a city that has an annual Zombie Walk.

The colours on this Turkish runner compliment well, there are no accents of bright orange or pink to distract your eye away from the the overall pattern. I wouldn't mind if it did because that is what I like about Turkish area rugs as mentioned earlier. Love them or don't, Turkish rugs are a joy to look at!

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary