Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holiday Stress..........let it go!

Big breath! Time is flying by again today. Yesterday I was doing my normal thing of answering the phone, waiting on clients then next thing I know it is twenty minutes after five. The day disappeared, today has been the same way. I had a small lapse in clients so I could finish yesterday's blog and hopefully finish this one as well. The weather has been sunny, chilly but no rain unlike last week when it rained for four days straight. Blah last week doesn't exist, it is over and done with, smile!

We should be getting some extra rugs to clean this week due to the rug auction that one of the local auction house's had on Tuesday night. We already have one for cleaning and another one will be arriving next week. The last time they had an auction we received twelve area rugs for cleaning. Most of the area rugs sold in that auction were Persian.

Lots of clean area rugs have made their way home this week, but for every rug going home we are receiving at least two for cleaning. It is that time of season when the rush is on to sanitize the entire house before company arrives for the holidays. I gave up trying to make my house look perfect for guests. I make sure everything is clean and there isn't a lot of clutter around, but I don't make it looked not lived in. I don't think anyone should make their house not looked lived in. I don't feel comfortable in that kind of sterile environment, where you feel that sitting on the couch is wrong because you may wrinkle the cushion. Bah!

Even your mother-in-law knows that you are not perfect, so don't stress about trying to live up to someone else's expectations, just make sure that your bathroom and kitchen are clean and that there are places to sit without having to move stuff and breathe.

That is my holiday advice; breathe, live in the moment and remember that your guest are at your house if they wanted to be waited on and have someone clean up after them there are lots of hotels they could visit. That sounds so mean, but I honestly hate that family comes to visit and think that they should be waited on hand and foot because they honored you with their presence. That is not to say be mean to them or start a family feud just don't go out of your normal routine of living and cleaning just because you have family visiting. As I read that over I can hear people saying that I have family issues, but I don't care. All I care about is that I am happy and relaxed.

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