Friday, August 29, 2008

Do you get excited by your vacuum?

Today I feel renewed. Thank you to all who commented on my blog yesterday, it is much appreciated. I know that we can all lose our passion for our jobs or careers, it is of some comfort to know that it can happen to the best of us. Why is it harder to get it back than it was to lose it?
Now onto today's subject, the vacuum! I will admit that I get excited about new household items. I love kitchen gadgets and such, but today it is our new vacuum for work I am excited about.
Have you had your DYSON vacuum experience yet? We here at Luv-a-Rug have. We have the yellow model (yes that is the technical term for this model, yellow) of the Dyson vacuum and it works pretty good. I love that it gets a lot of pet hair off the rugs so we don't have to use a lint brush as much. The bag less canister is wonderful, just press a button and the bottom opens up to release the dirt and rug fluff. The handle pulls up to become the hand tool and comes with three attachments for furniture and crevices.
The Dyson rolls smoothly on rugs and self adjusts to any height. It is easy to switch from beater bar to suction by using your foot or hand to turn the orange button on the head of the vacuum.
I find the Dyson is quieter that other vacuums. I can hear the phone ring and don't have to yell if I need to say something to a co-worker.

If you live in Victoria or Duncan, BC, Canada you can see the guys at Mr Sweeper to get your Dyson experience.
In Victoria: 3561 Ravine Way (in Saanich Plaza) phone # 250-475-3454
Duncan: #2-378 Trunk Rd. phone # 250-748-1962, or visit their website at
They have the vacuum to suit your needs.
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