Tuesday, July 15, 2008

People really DO read my Blog

I feel like most blog writers; Does my thoughts and words matter to anyone, but me?
I have received many comments about my 'Oak St. Fire' blog. Our clients appreciated and felt my sadness. It can be difficult to understand how hard a fire can hit someone if you've never been through one. I pray that I never have to go through another one and that people shouldn't have to go through the same ordeal.
This weekend we received two e-mails from two ladies, one local and one from Belgium, who have read my blog and enjoyed it. My boss is happy that I write it the way I do because he wanted it to be real and raw. Since this is the only way I write bonus for me. I also write poetry and I write it the same way. I will never be compare with Keats or Bronte because I write in regular English not poetry English, ie: I don't rhyme or use vague references to what I mean.
These are the two e-mailed comments I received (they have been edited for privacy):
"Mary has done an excellent job with her blog...have just scanned a few, but find them interesting and the personal notes are also great."
"I've had an off white area rug cleaned by Luv-A-Rug and both times have been very impressed with your 'service with a smile'. It is always pleasurable to encounter people who love what they do......From my initial phone conversation with Mary, who was professional and friendly, to Steve's cheerful and helpful attitude when he delivered my rug to me, the process was seamless.
........the job is wonderful, and the expanse of brightness in the room gives me pleasure each time I pass it.
Thank you so much for your wonderful service.......I refer my friends to Luv-A-Rug enthusiastically.
P.s. Mary, I like your blog! Your candor and the interest that you take in your work are impressive."
I am always in awe that people enjoy my writing, be it my blog or my poetry; Low self-confidence will do that. Well maybe not so much confidence as it is belief in myself. I am confident in my work and my knowledge of area rugs, even though I only know a small drop in the bucket, but that is just memorizing what makes a Persian area rug a Persian or a Chinese area rug a Chinese. I am glad that our clients trust our knowledge and expertise on area rug cleaning. We do strive to be the best because competition is always just around the corner. Luv-A-Rug is the only company in Victoria that specializes in area rug cleaning. It isn't an extra service we offer it is our main service.
Receiving feedback from our clients is awesome! hands down because face it with working with the public we usually only get negative feedback. I have a friend who every time she receives excellent service she lets the person know right away and asks if the manager is available so she can tell them too, if they are not available she asks if there is a company comment e-mail so she can let the company know who gave her the great service. I try to remember to do this because it can make a difference to that employee's career with the company and it just brightens up their day or week.
My day was definitely brightened by those two e-mails and when ever I am having a trying day or just dealt with a more difficult situation I will read them so I can remember that not all is bad.
So to end my blog today I would like to send out huge thanks to H.F in Victoria and T.D.W. in Belgium for their very kind words. They have brightened my day!
Thanks for reading from a very happy RugloverMary