Thursday, April 3, 2008

It has Started, Bring on the Rains

I felt a tingling of Spring the other day. It was short lived, but I started to dream of summer and wearing only one layer of clothing. Everyone thinks that living on the west coast and having very little to no snow makes us spoiled. I would like to point out that just because we live on the pacific ocean we do not get to frolic around in shorts and bikinis. The dampness our edge of the world gets just as bad as -10 below, I know this because when I went to Edmonton in January I wasn't half as cold there as I am here.
The shop has been busy this week with Spring cleaners slowly coming out of hibernation. Soon those April showers will emerge and the flooding will commence bring with it many wet wool area rugs. Wool is very resilient against over wetting, unfortunately the dyes are not. We have a very unhappy Belgium area rug in our drying room that ended up getting flooded by the nastiest kind of water. It would cost more to correct the colour bleed than the area rug is worth. The owner is not pleased, but it gives them a chance to start anew with a different area rug.
Luv-A-Rug seems to have an area rug theme days/weeks. Last week it was Chinese area rug week. It seemed as if every second rug to come in for cleaning was Chinese hand knotted. I love the deep blue they use in some Chinese area rugs. We once had a 9x12 royal blue Chinese rug. I loved it. There was no other colour, just a very deep royal blue and a small floral pattern was craved in the four corners. I did wonder what the room it dwelled in looked like. I pictured white walls with lots of windows and dark wood furniture and crisp white curtains. If you own a very dark rug please tell me what the decor is in the room. If life could be rewound I probably would have tried my hands in decorating instead of customer service, in a another life time maybe.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary