Friday, April 4, 2008

Dangerous Goods

Since the floor trend is any hard surface other more than it is carpeting this makes area rugs in high demand, but be aware not all area rugs are for all situations. Something has baffled me a little bit: You take out your carpet, put in beautiful wood/laminate flooring then cover all but a few feet with an area rug. Isn't that pretty much the same as the carpet you took out?
I had to disappoint a lovely lady today. She brought in a sisal area rug with a rubber backing that was badly stained. The area rug was beautifully displayed in the store and she bought it on impulse.
Yes we can clean it, but it would still be stained.
Yes we can try to get the stains out, but you may be left with a lighten area.
There is never any good news when I see a sisal or jute rug. People buy them because they are a natural fiber even though most of them have a rubber backing and are glue together making them not so natural.
I took a picture of the cleaning tag off of the sisal area rug. This can be used as an indicator that the area rug shouldn't be used in a highly used area.
Cleaning tag says: Do not wash/bleach/iron/dry clean or tumble dry.
Granted this could be this company's universal tag for all their area rugs, but why take the risk that this is an area rug you can only love until it gets dirty.
As we all try to be more environmentally aware the one place we fail at is area rugs. Some area rugs out there beautifully displayed in stores are not good for your home or for the landfill. Read the labels, ask around before you buy to get recommendations for what kinds of area rugs fit your needs. We get asked several times daily as to where the best places to buy rugs are. The first question I ask is where is the rug going to be used, then I ask about children and pets. Our clients are thankful for the rug education we give. It is another thing that sets Luv-A-Rug apart from everyone else, including the places that sell the area rugs.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary!