Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Quick Break; No False Alarm

It is very sad that this is my first blog for this week, but I've hardly had time to eat, let alone sit down. It is all because the boss went away Down Under, Australia. It is not because I am the only one in the front shop, I usually work alone, it is just how the unseen forces work. Since there is no one else to help so it gets busy. Lots of little jobs get started, but not a lot get finished when you need them to be.
Please note that our website is under going it own spring cleaning. It will look funny for about a week, so just bare with us.
The Spring cleaners have emerged with lots of blinds to clean. Today our drying room had 52 horizontal blinds hanging out getting dry.

I met my first National Hockey League mom the other day. I was very happy to have had that opportunity. I will not say from which team nor player, sorry. She was very pleased with how her rugs looked after cleaning and that is all that matters. Our binding guys are starting to wonder how I get so many jobs for them, it is all about letting clients know what we can do to make their rugs look the best. This week has been mostly about new fringes.
 We try to not do machine fringes on a hand knotted rugs or any rugs for that matter, but if that is what the client wants that is what they get. I prefer no fringes on most area rugs, but I have written about that in a previous blog. I've gotten a lot of binding and serging orders, so some area rugs are getting a renewed life with nice clean edging.
No matter what time I start writing my blog it never gets finished until after 5pm. I try to keep my writing to a half hour, even though it can take up to two hours to write in between clients. Time is a funny thing, I am not looking forward to a day where "time" is bought and sold as a commodity. It would be the highest stock on the market and the least traded. Just wanted to leave you with a random thought.
Thanks for reading RugloverMary.