Thursday, March 13, 2008

March-Lion or Lamb?

I am unsure of the where, when and whys of the saying for the month of March, "In like a Lion out like a Lamb" and vice versa. Another thing I just realized not every month has a saying. I believe it is just March and April; "April showers bring May flowers". I could keep going on the topic, but that is not why I write this blog.
The first week of March was pretty uneventful, Sunday brunch was great, but this week not so calm. Tuesday the weather wasn't that great. It was very windy and sunny with moments of rain/snow. The day started normal until 12:30 when the power went off. I had three clients just after it went out. They were very understanding and patience while I wrote everything out. The sun was shining just enough so I could show them their clean area rugs. Did you know that wool rugs make good blankets? I put a small rug pile side down on my lap and it did a good job at holding in the heat. The power was out for over two hours and then again at 4:00pm for a half hour. Oh what fun!
When the power goes out you really find out fast how dependent you are on it. I'm not happy that we are SO dependent on electricity, but again not a topic for my work blog. While the power was out I worked on a non-computer needed project and solved the worlds problems with my co-worker.
Daylight savings/spring ahead was on Sunday, that always messes me up for a few days. I much more enjoy daylight savings/fall back, even though I always stay up an extra hour and defeat the purpose of getting an extra hour of sleep.
This has also been the week of very large rugs. We have received a 14'x22' synthetic custom and a 10'x18' Persian Sarouk for cleaning. The Sarouk was delivered by courier, so as my boss and I were doing the visual inspection and discussing the rug, my boss is tell me what a good quality rug it is and then he looks at me and says, "Oh I apologize that you don't like good quality rugs." He was partly right, I am not a big fan of Persian rugs and it all has to do with the reds and blues that they use. I do not know why I do not like them, I just don't. I appreciate the workmanship and history of Persians, just not the natural dyes combination. We cleaned a 10'x13' Persian Kerman rug that I loved, it was light purple with mainly cream accents. The rug was not re-dyed it was probably a custom ordered colour. I am a visual person so colours are a big reason I like or dislike a rug and being a crafter I appreciate the workmanship of rug weaving.
So my quandary is has March started like a lion or a lamb? Or does it only depend on the weather? March 1st was sunny and warm, is that like a lamb? Does the saying have any relevance in the 21st century? Or did I just fall off the sanity boat?
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