Friday, March 7, 2008

Repair Queen

Friday is upon us once more. It has been a long week mostly due to the fact I am looking forward to Sunday brunch. Things in the shop have picked up, mostly people have been picking up their rugs. Tuesday was a busy day for dropping off dirty rugs and Thursday was a busy pick up day. Today sales are good because we sold a huge rug pad order. A gentleman bought 130 feet of twelve foot length of comfort pad for hard floors, they have a lot of big Persian area rugs. It is surprising how few people know about the benefits of using pad under their area rugs.
Rug pad holds your rug in place so it doesn't cause a slipping hazard, helps your rug from not stretching out of shape, pad can add a little bit of cushion; too much cushion is bad for rugs and helps your rugs last longer saving you money.
Today was the first day our new in-house rug repair lady worked. She is a from Iran and has been doing area rug repairs for many years. I am excited about this because it gives the shop a more authentic rug feel and clients can see her working. She has done fringe repairs on about 8 rugs today. Many of our clients, who came in today, were telling us about rugs they have in need of repairs. Before our rug repair Queen we had to send our rug repairs to another city (Vancouver, B.C.) to be done. It was time consuming and a little more expensive. Our clients will appreciate that their rug can be done in the shop.

A frayed fringe

Putting in a chainstitch

Good as new.

Our rug repair Queen is a great addition to our team.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary