Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rug Education-the forgotten 101

If you were to go out and buy a new flat screen plasma t.v., what would be your first step? You would research what is out there to find out what fits your needs. If you just went out and bought a 52" t.v. and after you got it installed found out that to see it properly you needed to be on the other side of your home you wouldn't be too happy.
We, as consumers, research and compare almost every major purchase we buy, except area rugs. Area rugs seem to be loosing their value with people, and manufacturers. It is all about the bottom line nowadays, what a shame. Having an area rug in your home shouldn't be just about the size or the cost, functionality and decorative statement should also be a factor.
Tufted or Designer Rugs are the area rug of choice right now. They are quick and easy to construct and can be any design and colour you can want. They are not my favorite rugs by any means. Yes, they look amazingly beautiful, but they don't last. I wrote an article about them on our website
I wish there was a course in rug construction and identification that all people who sold rugs had to take. It would help consumers save money and make their businesses more reputable if they asked a few simple questions;
Where will the rug be used?
Do they have children and/or pets?
Why are they looking for an area rug?
Just think of how great the business would look if they could recommend a great rug that would fit the consumers needs. For instance if they had young children and pets a synthetic fiber area rug works great because it can handle a lot of wear and tear and stains.
Plus if area rug sellers knew how the different types of fibers and construction of rugs reacted with stains and cleaning, that would also be a huge help to area rug consumers.
What this whole blog comes down to is I hate having to explain to clients that their once beautiful area rug cannot return to being beautiful after Fido used it as a rest stop because the way it is made and the fiber used. It is becoming more frequent because area rug consumers don't have much of a choice in what type of area rugs are out there. Everyday I am seeing more and more area rugs made out of fibers that shouldn't be used in area rug making. Sure they look modern and great, but they cannot handle the dirt and wear area rugs are suppose to handle.
Okay, I must stop before I go on a boring rant about area rugs made out of the wrong type of fibers.
To sum up my topic today, we need people to be more interested in the area rugs they sell. Consumers should start researching what rug works for them. If a client walks into Luv-A-Rug and asks what is a good rug to buy, I first ask them the above questions, then I educate them on what to look out for, and I give them places to shop. Rug education is for everyone.
Thank you for reading, RugloverMary