Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Area Rugs out of Context

Today I only have a short amount of time to write a blog because clients come first. It is nice to see area rugs going home all clean and healthy. Speaking of home, have you ever wondered what a clients home looks like when you see their area rugs?
We always see the area rugs out of their element. Some area rugs make you wonder if the whole room or house is decorated around the colours or pattern of the area rug. People who love their area rugs really love their area rugs, so much so that they might even want to be buried with it. Back in ancient times royalty were buried with their most prized possessions, so the idea of being buried with your area rug it isn't that off beat , especially if it is a wool Persian or a wool Gabbeh (my favorite).
On their own some area rugs, I'll say it...ugly, but we are only seeing the area rug. Every hand knotted area rug is beautiful once you look past the colours or pattern. I do not like some of the reds and blues that Persians are made with, but I appreciate the way the are made, or the intricate border, or the way the fringe looks. I love fringes. One day in the shop I had the pleasure of admiring three rugs all with not-the-average fringe. They were knotted uniquely, weren't white and gave character to the area rugs. I also think that not all area rugs should have fringe, especially if it is badly stained or worn, but we are programmed to believe that all area rugs must have a fringe.
We have had rugs come into Luv-A-Rug for cleaning and we wonder why. There is no longer a wool pile on the rug or they are very tattered or stained. The reason they came into our shop was because the area rugs were rich with sentimental value. Sentimental value is the highest value there is and the biggest reason why no rug is truly ugly.
Area rugs are as individual as the people who own them and should be treated as such. That is why, in as many words as I could type in 30 minutes, we shouldn't be so quick to call an area rug ugly. We are just seeing it out of it's element.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary