Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Narrow Point of View

It bothers me that bad things travel like wild fire and good things get over looked. It really bothers me when people have narrow views, and don't look at the whole picture.

I follow the blogs written by Dr. K Sobhe who owns a rug gallery where he and his family sell, clean and repair area rugs in Los Angeles Ca. He is very educated and respected. On one of his blogs he got an anonymous comment that was overall not very nice.

The commenter said that Dr. Sobhe was too good to clean area rugs for Americans.  The comment was very narrowed minded and false. I hate that I am playing into the trap and spreading the negative vibe even more, but I also feel like it needs to be out there so that people will stop judging each other.

I really wish that we looked into each other eyes and heart and not at the outside. Our self worth should not depend on our nationality, gender, the clothing labels we wear, the car we own, or the area of the world we live in.

I am sure that there are people living in poverty in Africa that are happier than most Canadians because their happiness isn't dependent on material stuff or status. We need to get back to the simpler things of love, family, nature and just being happy with who we are.

It also doesn't matter who you are that determines what you are passionate about. I am a woman and I love watching hockey, sports cars (mostly Mustangs), cooking, area rugs, poetry, science fiction, crocheting and shoes. According to this anonymous person I shouldn't like anything that is outside my gender or race. Sorry not going to happen. I don't want to live in the dark ages.

They mentioned that they would only buy area rugs from Iranians, but never get them to clean them, wouldn't the people who make the rugs know better than anyone how to clean and care for them?

You cannot group together certain types of people and say that they are all good or all bad, just like you cannot say that all area rugs can be cleaned the same way. We are all different and some day it would be great if we could all be equal.

Here's to a non-discriminate future, RugloverMary, passionate rug lover.