Wednesday, September 1, 2010

$250.00 party!! What a deal......or is it?

Throwing a big end of the summer party for $250.00 can seem cheap for some, or expensive for others. It would depend on what type of party you were having.

Lets say you decided to have a few dozen friends over cause your parents were away for the evening. Oh yeah you can see where this story goes.This scenario did recently happen and I am not sure what shape the house ended up being like, I did not ask, but it seems like the rugs got the good end of the party.

The mother of the teenager who throw the party needed to make sure her rugs were clean and healthy. Luv-A-Rug can ensure that her rugs are clean and healthy. As for the poor guy who has to pay for the cleaning, well hopefully he has learned that when you throw a party roll the rugs up and hide them out of the way first.

The rugs in question were a Persian runner, a Turkish runner and an old Turkish rug. Luckily the rugs just had a few liquid spills and no permanent stains.

To all those who like to throw small, 25-200 people, impromptu parties while their parents are away be advised that things will get spilled, people don't always keep everything they consume inside them, something always get broken, and ask yourself if you can replace and pay for what might get broken or stained?

Parties are fun, but can cost more than you may want.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary