Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Area rug cleaning has expanded on the net

Ruglovermary is trying to be everywhere when it comes to sharing my knowledge about area rug carpet cleaning. I have recently joined which is an online community of people who write about everything you could ever want to know. If you cannot find the right answer on a topic you can ask questions and people will answer them for you.

I have written two hubs already, one on Clothes Moth, yes another article on moths. Fall is approaching and we will be bringing out our wool items soon. I talk about how to keep them safe and hole free when storing wool items.
I also have written one about Wool Area Rug cleaning. I was reading some of the other hubs about rug cleaning and I found that they were too general or didn't cover everything about cleaning Wool rugs.

There is a lot of information about area rug cleaning and carpet cleaning, the trick is to find out what is true and what works without ruining your rugs. I try to be honest cover all bases when discussing rug cleaning. There is so many little things that are hidden about area rug carpets that there cannot be one cleaning method that works for all area rugs, especially now since there are so many different types of fibers used to make rugs.

So, join me on hubpages to learn and write about your passions.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary your knowledgeable wool rug cleaner.