Saturday, June 5, 2010

Roadside Rug Treasure!

Is your rug worth cleaning?

Treasure can be found every where from the bottom of the oceans to the end of some one's driveway. It all depends on how you define treasure.

Today I got a call from a very nice sounding lady that was delighted that she had found a FREE rug on the side of the road. She went on to say it had a label that said it was an award winning rug! I would have offered to arrange a pick-up service, but as the rug was not big she said she would bring it in herself.
Well, she just dropped off her runner and we are now going to clean her area rug and apply our protective finish to it. I thought I should blog about for several reasons:
1. For a free rug it isn't a bad rug. This rug is in fact a synthetic, Olefin fiber, machine power woven, but still worth cleaning because as she told us, ""it is not too big and the colours are just right for my small living space"  
2. She said,  "I am Dutch and I can't stand to think that it has someone else's dirt in it" so it was imperative that it gets properly cleaned even though it was a free rug.
3. She had phoned around to other companies in Victoria for cleaning pricing, but she chose us because she liked my phone manner (I'm blushing), our cost was lower and our cleaning process is thorough.

We get asked all the time by clients if their rugs are worth cleaning, our answer is, "If you like the rug, if the colours and size fits your space, then any rug is worth cleaning." It doesn't matter if you paid thousands of dollars or zero dollars, any rug is worth cleaning if you use the rug.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary Victoria, BC synthetic rug saver.