Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Boss HATES Jute!

What is your rug hiding? More than you know

The other day my boss got a call from a women in the View Royal area, in Victoria BC, requesting our free Saturday rug pick-up service for her rug. She bought a 6x9 British India (Indian Aubusson) at Jordan's many years ago.
Well today my boss must have been bored because he came in and asked me if there were any rugs that he could pick up rugs today (Friday) instead of tomorrow. I said sure, how about this order in View Royal it was close to our shop on Wilkinson Rd, so my boss picked up the rug and just brought it in for inspection.
What I found most interesting about this area rug is not that it is rare or valuable, but the material the foundation is made of, JUTE!
This wool rug has jute weft fibers, the foundation fibers going from left to right, and this is a big problem for most inexperienced carpet cleaners.

Fact is that if this rug is "washed" in an immersion process the rug will go all brown and ugly from natural dye from the jute. That is just one of the reasons for why we NEVER clean your rugs without first testing for colourfastness, shrinkage and then examining your rugs fiber types and construction.
At Luv-a-rug we will NEVER clean your rugs with any other rug. They are all cleaned individually and we always use clean water for every rug we clean.

In-fact we custom match your rug to what is safest and most effective for the rug. We have all cleaning processes from full immersion washing to complete dry cleaning with no chemicals.We use wool safe soaps and everything is thoroughly rinsed out.
 Here is the back or the fore-mentioned rug, can you see the jute weft fiber that will leach into the rest of the rug and make a huge mess? (probably no and that's why we are Victoria's Area Rug cleaning experts.
Luv-a-rug is proud to have the only certified "Rug Master" in Canada, the owner and operator, Dusty, plus we are a "Wool-safe" approved firm.
Not all rugs are made the same, even when they are the same type, such as British Indian, so why should they all be cleaned the same?
Feel free to call me anytime for your rug cleaning concerns, 250-590-6210 or 1-800-886-2802

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary