Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Blue Chinese not a Sad Chinese

This is an 8x10 foot wool hand knotted Chinese area rug.

What I love about this rug is the subtle details and the colours. It is a treat to see a Chinese rug that breaks with the traditional look.

A more typical Chinese area rug design features floral or dragon motifs.

The deep blue that the Chinese rug weavers use is amazing. I don't see it used in a lot of their area rugs, which is a shame. Most Chinese rugs are pastel in colouring.

The simplistic design of this rug makes you look at the border. It is considerable sized border, but it doesn't make the rug look out of proportion. It is very well balanced and doesn't distract the eye. This rug has a calming effect to it. I find it very inviting to enjoy.

The designs in the inner corners draws the eye in. I find myself looking at the border of the rug more so than the center of the rug.

This area rug would look great in a bedroom or living room. It doesn't feel like a rug I would out in a dining room.

You may feel different, but for me it is too soft looking for a dining room setting. Having chair legs moving over this rug would soon leave wear marks.
This is the best design detail of the rug. There are six of these surrounding the center medallion. This is what makes so special.

I am a true believer that the simple and subtle details that make a rug desirable.

Area rugs are pieces of art and not everyone sees or likes the same things about the same rug. I find this rug to be one of the many treasures from the orient.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary