Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Round Persian? Oh Yes!

This is a very unique hand knotted Persian area rug, Tabriz woven. Not only is it round, which is rare, it has a scalloped edge.

Here is another history of Tabriz area rugs from the Rug Rag

This rug is just over 3 feet in diameter, the fringes were longer when it as made. This kind of round rug would have been used on a table.

Using little rugs as table decorations has fallen out of fashion, what is a shame really. Some area rugs made today are too beautiful to walk on, using them as table coverings would be a better use.

Next time you find an area rug that you love but it too lovely to walk on consider using it as a table cover or wall hanging. Area rugs do make great wall hangings as well, since they are works of art.

Another great idea for flat woven area rugs is to make them into pillows or cover a chair cushion. Even if an area rug is too stained or worn to be used as a rug doesn't mean that the rug is ready to be tossed.

I love seeing your treasured, unique, old, and history rich area rugs. I would love to feature your rug on my blog.

Bring it in to Luv-A-Rug on 445 Beta St Victoria BC. 250-590-6210 or e-mail pictures to

When sending pictures I need:
  • One of the whole rug, as much as possible
  • A close up of the back, if possible with a quarter in the picture as well
  • A close up of the fringes where they connect with the rug (front or back doesn't matter)
  • A picture of any details that you enjoy or that stand out.
Please include your name and e-mail and size of rug(s). I do not publish our personal information or use it for malice spam.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary