Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Airport Body Scans: oh what a debate

I cannot help but write about the new proposed body scan machines in the airports. I have read many news articles on the machines from a couple of sources. It was basically the same stuff just worded differently, but that is how the news goes.

My favorite thing about the articles is the picture they showed of a man standing in one of the machines and a picture of what a scan would look like. Under the picture the caption reads, "...image... is not from a scan of the man"

Why show a false picture? If the government wants people to want the body scans it would be best to show actual results.

I understand why people are apprehensive about what the scans reveal and what may be done with the scans, but I also know that the age of innocence has passed. We no longer live in a society of trust and honesty.

The whole issue of privacy is another contention. Privacy is an illusion. How can we believe, in this age of technology, that privacy still exists? Don't get me wrong, if I was a celebrity or high profile person I would not want my body scans to be the latest headline, but I also want to be sure that when I get on an airplane that I arrive in my destination alive.

Regardless of the outcome of the body scanners, one thing is for sure we need to have better security at airports and seaports. We cannot ignore what is happening in the world until it happens in our backyard. History should have taught us that.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary