Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Road Salt and Area Rugs

Yesterday I was reading the blogs I follow and came across one that mentioned road salt and area rugs.

This got me thinking: What does road salt do to area rugs, more specifically wool area rugs?

Apparently I may be the only one wondering that because no one has written anything about the subject except a few sentences I read yesterday. All that was mentioned was that road salt will leave a stubborn white stain on the rugs.

True enough, but does it do anything more serious?

I could not find anything, so here are my thoughts for dealing with the road salt and sand that gets put on our roads and sidewalks:

Do not put your favorite or precious rug in the entrances. Use an inexpensive rug instead. If possible also have a rug outside to wipe your shoes on before stepping inside. I like the really thick scratchy jute ones.

Vacuum the front and back of the rug more often. If the rug is wet give it a good shake.

When shaking a rug DO NOT grab the rug by the fringes or tassels. Have a good grip on the rug itself, this won't cause any rips to happen on the edges.

Stomp your shoes outside before going in to the house and do not wear your shoes indoors. I know that seems like a no brainer, but we can forget the little things sometimes.

Every season of the year carries it's own issues for area rugs. In the winter it is road salt/sand, wet weather, bursting water pipes and cannot forget pet accidents.

If your dogs are like mine they hate to go outside in wet/cold weather and area rugs work just as good as the grass for their business.

When the weather is bad, check your area rugs in the rooms that aren't used as much for pet accidents. Dogs will usually avoid using their favorite areas for their bathroom.

My babies (Daisy and Texas) like to use the spare room that we don't use very much. Once one starts to use an area the other one will follow.

Once your dogs start to use an area they will keep going back. If your dog doesn't seem to be doing the usual stuff outside or you see them bolt for an area where they do not normally go, it is time to investigate.

I am wishing everyone a safe, warm, dry and festive New Year's.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary