Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Wine Success

We had another successful removal of a red wine spill this week.
I am beginning to think that wool rugs need red wine. Red wine seems to be our spills of the month, we have received several area rugs with wine on them.
Fortunately for the owners of these fine rugs we did rid the rugs of their wine addiction.
This is a beautiful Nepalese wool area rug with silk highlights. The highlights are throughout the rug which are usually the most difficult to get the wine out.
The client was very prompt in getting his rug to us less than 24 hours after the spill happened and he kept the spill damp. By keeping the spill damp it helped the wine not settle in.
To keep a spill damp: wet a white cotton towel and put that on the spot.
If possible put weight on the towel as this keeps the towel in contact with the spill.
This does not guarantee that the spill won't stain your rug, but it does help the red wine not set in as easily.
The silk border was still dark from the wine, other than that it was really hard to see where the wine was spilled.
The client was very happy with our results and he hoped that it wouldn't happen again.
Red wine does stain wool rugs very easily because of the tannins red wine contains. Remember to keep the spill damp and get it into your professional area rugs cleaners as soon as possible.
The quicker the spill can be worked on the better the results.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary