Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is Clutter bringing you Down? A New rug may help.

It is another beautiful sunny summer day here in Victoria, BC and I am in wonderful spirits. I feel about 20 pounds lighter and all because I tackled my clutter.

I had a lot of boxes stacked up in my room full of very precious junk. Yesterday I hauled them all out and went through them all and sorted through most of it.

I feel so much better today just having done that small thing. It took me about 3 hours, but it was worth it. I try to do this at least once a year, sometimes twice to every room in the house.

Clutter can affect your mood and whole being. By dealing with it can lighten you up. It can seem like a mountain, but here is a great way to tackle it:

  • Schedule when you are going to do it
The time frame can be specific as 2 pm on Monday or a bit vague as Saturday. By allotting the time you won't be stressed out by taking on the project and having to abandoning it half way through.

  • Start with one thing
If there are a lot of boxes move them to another room to be sorted through, or if there are a lot of clothing start by picking it up. By breaking up the tasks it is easily to get them done

  • Make piles of like items
Put all the papers, clothes, toys in separate areas, also have a throw away and give away plies too. By doing a quick pre-sort you again break down the tasks to smaller more manageable jobs.

  • Deal with one room at a time
Don't get overwhelmed with everything that you need to sort through. Stick to one area. Trying to take on the entire house at once you may lose momentum.

  • Get the others involved
When there is someone else to assist you or just chat with, things get done faster and it is more fun.

  • Organize the room
Don't take everything out of the room and then put it all back. Use storage bins, shelves, and boxes. Label boxes for easy reference. Re-sorting a mess doesn't make it any less of a mess.

  • Acknowledge you achievement
Celebrate cleaning up the back room or garage by having dinner out or invite friends over to hang out in the newly cleaned space. By rewarding yourself you take more away from the experience.

Once you have reclaimed your space, a new look maybe in order. Don't forget that a small difference such as a new area rug can brighten up a room. Area rugs can make a bold statement or be a subtle accent. A rug can be a nice reward to reclaiming that once unusable space.

The lifted weight you will feel after is amazing and lasts for a long time. By cutting the tasks down to smaller jobs, sorting and labeling, giving everything it's own place, getting others to help you makes what seemed like a huge job attainable.

Happy uncluttering!

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary