Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rugs need a Vacation too

It is the first work day of July and the official start of summer holidays.

The kids are out of school, time for sunny afternoons and running through the house. With spending so much time outside we can forget about our area rugs.

Your rugs have spent many months trapping winter dirt and moisture, they probably need a good cleaning.

The summer time is a great time to get your area rugs cleaned. Bring them in before you go on vacation and when you get back your rugs will be clean, fresh and healthy.

Getting your rugs cleaned is like a day at the spa. How so you may ask?

Luv-A-Rug's cleaning process starts off with a good vigorous massage, our rug badger. This gets out all the deep down dirt and debris your rug has been collecting.

Next it is onto a soothing scrub with gentle soap and water, a clean rinse, and a nice air dry. AH! Your rug feels much more relaxed and is a few pounds lighter.

After a few times in the scrub room it gets treated for any stubborn spots that may have hung on and the fringes get some extra attention.

Now your rug goes onto the salon for a nice dry clean to bring the luster and shine back.

If you choose your rug can also get a protective finish to help it resist dirt and stains, plus it comes with a free cleaning within 6 months-that lands just after the holidays.

After all that your rug then patiently waits to go home to start doing its job again, to look beautiful in your home and stop dirt and debris from getting into your home.

When packing up everything for your vacation and checking off your to get done list, don't forget to put down area rugs to get cleaned. Your rugs will thank you.

Luv-A-Rug offers pick up and delivery service for large rugs and multiple rugs. Call us at 250-590-6210/ 1-800-886-2802 to arrange a date and time.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary