Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rug Blog topics

A quiet day here in the shop today, even the phone took the day off.

I had an interesting morning. I went to see the ear, nose throat specialist to see what is wrong with me because my throat flared up again this week. Almost every two weeks I am sick, not good. I have never been this sick for so long ever.

The throat specialist was baffled as to why my throat is not playing nice. Just more proof that I am a mutant who makes up my own diseases. He gave me huge 1 inch blue pills to take. If they don't help I may have to have my tonsils taken out.

What?! Aren't I a little old to have the done? I thought I asked that 2009 be better than 2008 was? I guess I didn't make it clear that the year was supposed to start off good and stay good.
I will deal with the road blocks as they come, however big or small they may be, sigh.

I need to start taking before and after pictures of All areas that come in for cleaning. I am missing out on a lot of blog material. The only problem I have about using people's area rugs in my blog is the moral issue.

Am I over stepping any privacy boundaries? I do not mention any names, I just talk about their area rug and the story behind it. I need to start telling clients that I write a work blog and if it would be okay to use their area rug. That should make me feel better about using pictures of the rugs.

I don't have anything more interesting to say today, sorry.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary