Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy 1234567890 seconds, in Unix time.

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!!!!!!

I love this day and we get three of them this year, another one next month. I have always had good things happen to me on the 13th when it lands on a Friday.

I don't believe that 13 is bad luck, or unlucky to start with. I have always liked going against the current and have found it silly to overreact about a day or number. I am superstitious to a point.

I do not walk under ladders, but that is for safety reasons more so then believing I will have bad luck. The person on the ladder may drop something and then yeah, you would experience some bad luck or an injury. I think that is pretty much the only sorta superstition I have.

Not much happening around the shop. I have had a few rugs go home today, so sales are good. Not a lot dropped off. That should change soon because spring cleaners will come out of hibernation or the spring rains will start soon.

So now to explain the title of my blog today. I got this passed on to me today. At 23:31:30 GMT the Unix time was 1234567890 seconds. For all of us non geeks Unix is how computers keep time.

Here is a link to a UK newspaper article that explains Unix time much better than I could

It also explains why the year 2038 maybe the end of the tech world as we know it. I like to think I am not to dependent on computers, but in reality I am very dependent on them. They control a lot of what I like to do like watch TV, my crafty hobbies, going to the movies, work.

For another 29 years I don't have to worry about it and even in 2038 I won't be worrying about it because the computer guru's will have it fixed. My faith to the brains of the computer world, I know you can do it!

So hugs to all today, since it is also Free Hug Day. Hug a stranger, it can change some one's world.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary