Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Persian even I love

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later a Persian area rug that even I would like. Getting this area rug for cleaning was a nice treat. It is just under 9 feet by 12.5 feet..
I must admit it did surprise me that it was a Persian rug. I haven't seen this type of design before, the tag on the rug said it was ?Kashan?. I probably spelt that wrong. I am not to sure what the pattern is called, so if anyone does now please let me know. I have been searching Barry O'Connell's websites to figure out the rug design, but it is going to take me awhile to search through all the area rug types to find this diamond pattern. Just knowing that the rug is a Persian isn't enough. Someday I will know the different types of rug designs and be able to tell the approximate age of area rugs. Those are my two main areas of area rug identification that I am weakest at, but a few area rug classes is all it would take.
Okay just a bit of a side rant, across the street there is a guy at the bus stop wearing a SANTA hat!!!!!that is just wrong, wrong, wrong. I am not sure what it is this year, but I am not in the mood for Christmas. Everyone else seems to be into it, my neighbour, for instance, put her tree up last week. She was actually late putting it up this year, last year it went up on the first of November. I don't think about putting up the Christmas tree until December 10th or so. Sorry, but it is just too early to be decorating. A lot of people have turned on their Christmas lights already as well. I say turned on because we know that no one ever takes them down. Obviously I have not been visited by the Christmas fairy yet.
Back to the Persian area rug:
The colours also appeal to me, since they are not the traditional red and blue of course. The rug is very beautiful and after it is cleaned the details will pop and it will be loved again. The area rug has been in storage for awhile, so it now gets a renewed life. Even after my photo tweaking, the colours are not as wonderful as I wanted them to be. The blue's are more vibrate and the warm tan brown accents the blue's perfectly. The picture of the back shows the colours off more. I really like the pattern of the rug. I once crocheted a baby blanket using a similar star pattern.
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