Thursday, November 20, 2008

Big, Bigger, Pet

It is Thursday and I am so done with this week. I have been very cranky (on the inside) and have not been sleeping well since Saturday. Work wise it has been a slow week for rug pick ups, even after I did the reminder calls, but not so much for rug cleaning. There are a lot of naked floors in Victoria, BC!

Today we got to have liquid sunshine, as my dad would say, the sun was shining bright and the rain was falling hard. At least we aren't getting the snow/rain/wind/no power that my friends and family are experiencing in Nova Scotia. Oh how I miss those winter storms. Not really, but I miss home right now.
This week the area rugs we have received for cleaning have been Large. Most of the time when someone says they have a large area rug I think 9x12. Not so much this week. We had one order that was two area rugs that were 12x16 and 12x16.5. Thank goodness they are machine made area rugs so they aren't too heavy to move around. Most of the area rugs for cleaning this week were either very large or had pet issues. 

Lots of pet issues. Urine being the top problem. Fido or Fifi love to use the area rug because it doesn't splash and they don't get wet. They use the area rug as if it were grass-they both absorb the urine and they didn't have to go outside in the cold rain to do their business. A win win for the pet, not so much for the pet owner or the area rug.

I have been rug educating a few people this week in the different types of area rugs and their benefits and disadvantages. With our company name being Luv-A-Rug people think that we sell area rugs, we do not, but we can suggest where to buy area rugs. I ask if they have children and/or pets, where the rug will be used, and what kind of area rug they have in mind. After we discuss those I can then give them a better idea of what to look for and where is the best rug gallery to get it at. This interaction leaves an impression in their minds and when it is time to get the rug cleaned they remember that Luv-A-Rug not only cleans area rugs we specialize in area rug cleaning. Yes I am tooting our horn, I am proud of what we do and the business that Steve/Dusty (my boss) has built up over the last 20+ years.

AAHHH! The caffeine has started to kick in and I am feeling a little better, I love soda pop. I don't drink coffee, so caffeinated cola is the next best or is it worse thing? Huh! the spell check doesn't acknowledge the word caffeinated, it keeps suggesting decaffeinated-not what I am looking for, so hopefully I have it spelt correctly. Yes as you can tell I have a short attention sp............oh shiny! Sorry that is a running joke with me and my friends, blame it on little sleep. This morning I got up and was going to take the dogs outside at around 5:30am. I stoppped at my roommates door because he was awake and I asked him to take the dogs out and then went back to bed. No, apparently I did not do this, I was Dreaming! I do not like having dreams where I feel awake because I wake up feeling like I got no sleep. Welcome to my last 5 days, and if that made sense to you could you please repeat it to me so it will make sense to me as well?
Okay I have gotten way off topic and am going to stop writing now.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary