Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Repeated Information

Yesterday I decided that I should write about wool Flokati area rugs, so to Google I went to see what I could find. I did find how Floaki area rugs were made, but I also noticed something else. What I noticed is that out of the 15 websites I went to there was the same information. I understand that there is only one way to make a Floakti area rug, but all the sites were almost the same word for word. I am trying to decide if it is worth writing about them due to the fact that it is just the same information that is on all the other sites I visited............................................................................ I am still humming and hawing about what I should tell you about wool Flokati area rugs that will be unique and worth while reading.

Wool Flokati area rugs are made in Greece always have and always will. For a rug to be labelled as an authentic Flokati area rug they have to be cleaned in the Pindos mountains. The waterfalls there do something to the wool apparently that is very unique, so unique in fact that it cannot be duplicated by science nor any other means. That does not mean that there are not Flokati knock-offs being made, but genuine Flokati area rugs do not contain any other type of fiber only wool and these days it seems to be New Zealand wool.

This blog may not have a good flow to it due to the fact that I am under the weather, so please forgive me. Okay I am getting frustrated because I started this blog on the first of Oct. and it is now the 8th of Oct., that makes 5 days on this one blog and my head is too fuzzy to concentrate, plus I cannot stop coughing. I will write whatever mess of words comes out then I will come back when I am well and edit it. Right now I cannot guarantee a well written blog.

The unique weave of a Flokati rug is the result of the top fibers starting out as big loops. After the rug is completed the loops are cut to the desired length, usually 3-6 inches. The rugs are then washed for about forty hours under strong water pressure with no soap or detergents. It is the special water from the Pindos mountains and the pressure that make a Flokati a Flokati area rug. Now depending on what information to believe from the websites I visited it is said that the water causes the wool to swell and become very soft. The rugs are then dried in the sun and 'graded' by weight. The highest quality of Flokati is 4000 grams per square meter. I searched to find what weight the minimum grade was, I couldn't find the words 'minimum grade', but I did find Flokati area rugs that were graded at 1400 grams that seems pretty minimum grade to me.

The most common colour for Flokati area rugs is white or off white, but they come in a wide variety of colour to fit your every mood. Flokati area rugs are gaining popularity because of the desire to have a retro decor. In the 1980's Flokati rugs were a prize on the game show Press Your Luck, but were not desired by the contestants.

The picture on the left is a 5x8 wool Flokati (the colour difference is caused by the windows in our shop not the rug) and the picture below shows the back and front of a wool Flokati.

As beautiful as Flokati rugs are they do pose some cleaning challenges. With the fibers being long vacuuming them is not recommended. It is best to shake out the dry loose soil. Some websites I visited gave instructions on how to clean Flokati rugs, I was surprised that not one of the sites said to get them cleaned by a professional.

They made it seem so simple, but cleaning a Flokati rug is time consuming and it can become frustrating if the fibers become tangled and the fact that the rug will be heavy and wet.
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Thanks for reading, RugloverMary