Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Lazy Weaver?

On the weekend a local auction house had an area rug auction. Between yesterday and today we have received 8 of those rugs for cleaning, 3 yesterday and 5 today. Out of those 8 area rugs 5 are Persians, 1 Peking Chinese, 1 British India and 1 Wool Tufted. The Persians are your typical Persians, red/navy/cream/tan coloured pattern. My boss thinks I have lousy taste in rugs because I don't much care for the colours they used in Persians.
When I started working at Luv-A-Rug in May of 2007 I knew nothing about area rugs except that they existed. As I looked at the rugs coming in for cleaning I found that I wasn't very fond of Persians. It took me a little while to figure out what I didn't like about most of them, and it was the red and blue colour combination.
We've had a gorgeous medium lilac Persian in the shop for cleaning last year and I liked that one. I appreciate the workmanship that goes into making a hand knotted area rug and I understand why the reds and blues all look the same, they just aren't my kind of area rug to own personally. The rug that I am featuring today is one of the auction rugs, it is a Persian with two interesting features.
At first glance I thought that it might have been moth damage, I seem to zoom in on moth damage it can be kinda freakish sometimes, but after a closer inspection I think the weaver got lazy.
The first picture is of the corner area of the rug, I didn't take a full picture of the rug because it was big and we had just rolled it up when I decided that it would be today's blog topic, so I was the lazy shop worker.

I am not very proficient at how area rugs are woven, but in this picture it looks like it has double warp yarns and the weaver didn't go around both warps in the one area. That is my best guess as to why the warp is showing. If there is a better explanation please let me know.

This picture is all about the orange detailing around the leaf. When I look at the area rug as a whole the orange grabs my eye. A small little detail, but it adds a lot of impact. That is my greatest love of area rugs is the little details that make it stand apart.
As a crafter I enjoy adding such things to make my works stand out and area rug weavers do the same. There is a little more orange in one of the borders of the area rug, but it mostly stands out against the green of the leaf. The pictures were tweaked to show the detailing so I could point out those areas.
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