Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random Rug Blogging

I got inspired by last blog about rug blogging. I did a search using 'rug blog' and I couldn't find my blog, so I tried 'area rug blog' and I was on the fifth page which was disappointing and it was yesterday's blog that popped up. I decided to self promote my area rug blog today. My rug blog jumps from page one to page three depending on the search words used and the day.
I read other rug blogs and most of them are written from the technical view of rugs and rug cleaning, I do not come from a technical background in rug cleaning or weaving so mine is more personal and raw. Raw is a great way to describe my rug blog. My boss gave me no instructions on what to write or how to write my area rug blog. He wanted to see what I would do with it. He likes how I write it and gives me suggestions and tips as needed. The hardest part about writing a blog is time. It sometime takes me any where from several hours to days to finish a blog, but clients come first.
The other day I am coming into work and I noticed a bit of an usual sight. Located in the window sill next to our door was a seashell. A bit odd since we aren't near any place that would have seashells. I took the opportunity to snap a picture of it and of course I tweaked it a little bit. Yes I am a strange one, but I appreciate the little things. Speaking of little things I am also including pictures of my much loved Chihuahua, Texas and Jack Russell, Daisy. Whenever I have a bad day as soon as I enter my home they come and greet me with wagging tails and kisses. How can that not make your day better when you know that you have been missed and are loved. I know that some people reading this think I am insane for owning two dogs that are known to be hyper and yappy, but I assure you that my dogs are very well trained and calm. They both spend most of their days sleeping and don't think about disturbing them, unless it involves the park, a ball, or food. I do not allow the dogs into the kitchen when I am cooking, so Texas will lay at the 'boundary line' and watch me very intently. He sees everything that falls to the floor and when I give the okay he runs in to clean it up. Daisy is very smart sometimes too smart and loves to cuddle and take Saturday afternoon naps. I love both of my dogs very much and couldn't image my life without them. Since getting Texas in October 2007 Daisy has become demanding. If Texas wants to get petted he pushes his head under your hand, Daisy has started to that now too. She has picked up on his questionable habits, whereas Texas has only picked up a few of her good habits. They get along very well. We were a little concerned at first because Daisy was an only dog for 5 years, but we were worried for no reason. It is kinda funny that I have 2 dogs since I was always a cat person, but that was before until Daisy and Texas. They have such strong and unique personalities you can't help but love them. I still have a cat, but she is very independent and doesn't cuddle much, only in the winter when she is cold or feel that you need more hair on your clothes.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary