Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A British what?

Today I realized that I do not know much about British India area rugs. My last client was picking up her British India area rug and asked me if I new how old it might be. I went blank, very blank, so blank you could hear the wind was whistling through the brain area.

I know that British India area rugs are based on Chinese area rugs in design and such, but that is about it. I can recognize what makes an area rug a British India and that is about it, so now I must go to google and search through all the sites to hopefully find some information. Tick tick a half hour later...................................................

Well that was not a very informative way of finding out what I wanted to know. I can tell you that there are British India area rugs for sale in the Vancouver area and Calgary, used of course. I could not find out what makes a British India a British India. I did find my blog at the top of page two of my Google search for British India area rugs, that I was excited about it. The problem I have about search engines is that they do a search based on each word that you ask them to search for and not the whole. I got sites for 'area rugs', for 'rugs', for 'British', for 'India', but not a lot for 'British India area rugs'.

If you know anything about British India area rugs please let me know as I am at a lose to find out info.

I did find some other very interesting area rug facts:

Rugs have been around in some form for a long time. They are mentioned in the Old Testament and in Homer. Ancient Chinese, Greeks and Egyptians also knew about rugs. The earliest rug to be found was in a tomb preserved in the ice of southern Siberia. It is thought to be dated around 500 BC. The traditions of rug making were well developed in Persia and Turkey by the 16th century and then rug making spread to the north and then the east before making it's way west.

Ever wonder why Native Indian and Navajo rugs are so unique? It is because the American Indians developed their rug making techniques independently, where as everyone else incorporated other techniques and styles from everyone else.That is why it is hard to copy Navajo weaving techniques. Although people do try unsuccessfully.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary