Thursday, September 18, 2008

Busts and Moos

Today at Luv-A-Rug we had a day of firsts. It started with a phone call at 10:15am. A lady was wondering the cost to clean a cow hide rug. Pardon a cow hide? I thought I mis-heard her. Having a cow hide as an area rug isn't something you come across everyday.
When she brought the area rug in it was an honest to goodness real cow's hide. It is about 6 feet by 6 feet in the shape of a real cow and a very pretty brown colour. It is weird I didn't have any issues with a cow hide area rug, but I did have a issue with touching a camel hair area rug. Don't know why. You would think that since I grew up around cows that I would be bothered by seeing a cow hide, but no not at all. I did have an issue with a Zebra hide and Bear skin rugs make me laugh.

A few minutes after the cow hide area rug, we had a lady brings in two tailoring busts for cleaning. It was turning out to be an interesting day for cleaning unusual items. Not unusual in the sense of what they were, but unusual in the sense that we had never had the opportunity to clean a cow hide or tailoring busts before. We've had sheep skin,camel and goat hair area rugs, we've cleaned stuffed toys and luggage, even a mascot head, but no busts or cows. It is good to be able to clean more than area rugs, it helps you stay on your toes and gives you a break from all the area rugs.

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