Friday, September 12, 2008

A bit of Excitment!! Moth larva

Yesterday I was waiting for my bus and I saw two purple flowers growing in the grass. They stirred something in me so I took a couple of photos. As I looked at them I thought 'beauty in chaos' since there were no other flowers near by just some weeds and garbage. With it being an anniversary of 911 it seem appropriate to see beauty surrounded by chaos.
Today I got very excited on the inside and a little excited on the outside when I was doing my visual inspection of a British India area rug today. If you ask anyone who knows me they will tell you that I am weird and a little off the beaten path. I get excited and happy about the weirdest things. One of those things is live moth larva.
 It is spooky how I seem to zoom in on moth casings. Not only was there lots of moth casings there was a live larvae!! It seemed to be newly hatched because it was still clear and very small.
I couldn't find it again to snap a picture of it. It hid back into the rug when I pulled out some fibers. The rug was sadly sent for disposal. A little tiny worm like rug eater got my passion stirring. The pictures show some of the moth eaten damage and their excrement.
If you have an area rug that is under a piece of furniture that you cannot vacuum under, you might want to move the furniture and look for rice shaped objects. They will either be an off white or the colour of you area rug and there maybe lots of concentrated sand looking dirt. Luv-A-Rug can help you if you find moth evidence on your are rug.
I told the client to go home and inspect their other rugs and woolens for moth activity. If you would like to know more about moths visit our website
Thank you for reading, RugloverMary