Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big Bang...............Why?

I am standing on my soap box! Last night as I am putting away the mountain of laundry that has accumulated I hear on the radio that Sept 9 may have been our last day on earth. Huh! Okay so tomorrow I may not wake up, that kinda sucks since there is a lot I still need to accomplish. That got me thinking about how I would spend my last few hours on earth if that was the case. I will not bore you with what I would do, but what I did do was finish matching up all the socks and cuddled with my two dogs and went to sleep hoping that there would be no engulfing black hole.
I then thought of the pandemonium such an occurrence would cause. We as humans have some very stupid tendencies. As I read a news report on the experiment that took place last night/ this morning I remembered watching a show on the Discovery channel about them building the machine and I had the same thoughts now as I did when I watched the show a few months ago. WHY? Am I ignorant of something, did I fall asleep in class that day?, I don't think so. I don't understand why we need to spend up to, but probably beyond, 9 billion, yes billion, dollars to have particles smash into each other. Human males do it for free all the time.
I am obviously wired differently because I can think of 9 billion other ways to spend 9 billion dollars like getting rid off hunger,poverty, war, saving the earth from all the damage we have caused or maybe designing a pair of pantyhose that don't run.
Okay maybe not the pantyhose, but you get me drift. I read the report a couple of times to find out the reason why they are doing this. This is the reason I found and it may cause some disagreement, but it is after all my and all my opinion; Physicists are looking for a never-before-seen particle called Higgs boson that apparently impacts every other particle out there. Basically they are out to prove to everyone that the reason they spend their life doing what they do isn't in vain. I am sorry, but that seems silly.
I may have interpreted the reason incorrectly, but it does seem like a big waste of time and resources just to make particles collide and the physicists don't even know what they will learn from this. This time they learnt that they didn't make a black hole happen, yippee for the human race!
I should make this fit into area rug cleaning,and have written and deleted everything I have tried to fit into the big bang topic. I could say that it is not likely that most people would not spend 9 billion to find out how an area rug was made, but some people do spend millions to own a unique area rug.
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