Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How Much for the Rug on the Floor?

Today has been a busy day with lots of area rugs going home all clean and healthy. I have noticed lately that the phone calls are heavier in the mornings and in the last hour of our day. Some days the phone will only ring when a client walks through the door, whatever did we do before voice mail?
My topic today is how do you put a value on an area rug.
Almost daily at Luv-A-Rug we hear, "Why does it cost that much to get my rug cleaned? WOW! I can buy a new one for that price!" Or we hear, " I can get all my carpet cleaned for half that price!" Both are true, you may be able to get another rug for that price, but an area rug is more than just carpet. The kicker for me is some people will brag about how much they spent on the area rug and when you tell them it will be $100.00 to clean they have a little freak out. We do more than just a quick steam clean to area rugs. Most people don't know that 79% of the soil that is in rugs and carpet is not water soluble. When water is added the soil turns to mud and stays at the bottom of the fibers. Sand is a perfect example of insoluble soil. If sand was water soluble we wouldn't have beaches. That is why the rug badger is our secret and most effective cleaning procedure,
A couple of rugs came in that were owned by the clients mother. The rugs had seen better days and were in need of some TLC. This situation is usually the most shocking to the client you are with. When they look at the rugs they don't see the sentimental view, usually just a dirty smelly rug and they don't want to invest much into them. These rugs were very lucky and loved, so they will see many more years. Mostly the mother is very loved therefore her rugs are loved.
I have found that we don't put a lot of effort into certain things. Everything, these days, is disposable or easily replaced. Most area rugs made and bought today are not very environmentally friendly, to say the least, and many are ending up in landfills unnecessarily. With a little education for the sales person and for the consumer the wrong rug wouldn't end up in the wrong situation. If more people knew that tufted or designer rugs are not good stain repellers, we would have less disappointed clients.
Pretty soon the pendulum will swing the other way and wall to wall carpet will be back in style. When that happens could someone please make a better under pad for rug on carpet that doesn't cost more than the rug itself and actually holds the rug in place.