Friday, March 25, 2011

Pet Urine and Area Rugs

Today we received two hand tufted area rugs that were used as indoor bathrooms. It is never good to find out that your beloved four legged baby has been mis-using your rugs.

Why our pets like to always go on the rug is not clear, maybe they know rugs will absorb just like outside does. All I know for sure is that Luv-A-rug cleans a lot of area rugs that have pet urine accidents.

If the accident is still wet (this is a professional secret tip) use a wet vac to vacuum the spot. Using towels can push the urine deeper into your rug. 

Do not use baking soda on area rugs for pet accidents or any other kind of spill. It can discolour your rug permanently.

Watch out for spot removal treatments that are not wool safe, most are made for synthetic carpet, always read the label. Always check for colour bleed and with an area rug professional cleaner before attempting to deal with pet urine yourself.

Once the urine has dried it becomes harder to remove. If you don't notice right away that your pet has a new bathroom it can cause permanent damage, and becomes a great place for moth larva to eat.

Do not wait until the puppy is trained until you tend to the problem of accidents, the longer you wait the more permanent the smell and staining becomes. Either remove your rugs completely while training or buy an inexpensive rug to replace your good ones.

The best way check to if your rug has been used as a bathroom is look and smell the corners of your rug, look at the back of the rug for staining, pets like to use spots near furniture and near doors. Even the most trained pets can have an accident so check rooms that you don't use much to see if your rugs have been mis-used.

When you do find pet accidents on your rugs get them professionally cleaned. Taking your rug outside and hosing it down can cause damage to your rug, it is not the best way to get rid of pet urine.

For pet accidents in Victoria BC call Luv-A-Rug  250-590-6210/1-800-886-2802

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary-pet urine accident fixer