Friday, February 18, 2011

Have You Made Your Cleaning Resolutions?

Every New Year we make resolutions to lose 15lbs, start going to the gym, quit a bad habit, but we don't make cleaning resolutions. Yes I said cleaning resolutions.

When was the last time you looked around your home and knew that all the furniture, curtains, walls, area rugs were clean and healthy? It is okay if you said never or when they were new. We are all guilty of not cleaning the big stuff until we have to.

I have come up with a solution to clean you entire home and not get overwhelmed. It will take commitment and a little planning but it will be worth it when you know that your whole home is clean and healthy.

The first thing to do is write a detailed list of what needs to be cleaned.
Such as:
  • Curtains and blinds in living room, kitchen and all bedrooms
  • Couch and chairs in living room
  • Area rug in living room, bedroom, and front door
  • Walls need to be cleaned
  • baseboards needs to be cleaned and repainted
  • tops of door jams (these hardly ever get cleaned)
  • reorganize Christmas decorations
Try to keep your list to no more that 6-8 big things so that your aren't doing a big job every month and get overwhelmed and frustrated.
When you finish your list it will seem like a huge undertaking, but here is how you break it down to make it easier and less stressful.
First divide 3 sheets of paper into 4 squares and write the months one in each square as pictured. Next you need to decide what you will clean each month.

This will depend on the number of things you have on your list, when you have the money to afford them, and if companies have cleaning specials.

At this point you may start to feel overwhelmed, don't despair it is a small hurdle, don't look at the whole picture just at the task at hand.
I wrote each task in my sample, but it is best if you cut out small pieces of paper and write each task from your list so it is easier to move the tasks around.

Place each task on a month that works best and write, if possible, the day or week the cleaning will be done. If the cleaning coincides with an event or special day write it down as well.
In my march entry I wrote to take in area rugs for cleaning during March Break/ Spring Break.

When you are planning to use a cleaning company try to schedule it in their slow periods. For instance book your blind or curtain cleaning in February or March before the spring cleaning rush starts.

The next step is to assign each task to who is going to do it. Whether it is to book the pickup of your area rugs, be at home when the cleaners come to clean your furniture, or do the actual task.

Also if you know how long a cleaning job will take write that down too. An example would be carpet cleaning 2 hours, area rug cleaning 5-7 days. The more information you have pre-planned out the less stressful the task will be.

Under my January entry of buying storage boxes and reorganize Christmas decorations I have mom and daughter doing that task. If you live alone get a few friends together and make a chart like this where you all help one another get everything clean.

Work with everyone strengths, for instance if you don't like to scrub walls but like to vacuum assign that task to someone else.

As we all know life has a way of throwing us curve balls, don't panic if you cannot get a task done when you had schedule it. Keep your list short and within reason and if need be break each cleaning task into smaller tasks.

If you need to clean out the garage and your garage is packed full start with the small job of removing all the boxes or tools. If you take everything out of the garage at once all you have accomplished is moving the mess to another area.  When you are writing your plan down take into consider the size of the cleaning job, the time it will take to do and how many people are needed.

This outlined plan is to make it easier to get the big jobs done, but it may not take you a whole year to get them done.The first time you do this space things out until you know the time and resources needed for each cleaning task. Each year you do the planned cleaning it will get easier and quicker.

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