Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Area rugs and Internet searches

This blog post is for anyone who has a business, doesn't matter the type of business, and uses the internet to get clients. If you say that you don't use the Internet to get clients you really should. The Pew Research Center did a study and 58% of people do an online search for products and services they are considering buying or using. That is 1 out of 4 Americans, can you afford to not have an online presence?

Two years ago Luv-A-Rug had to move from our previous location and because of our strong internet presence our clients are still finding us for area rug cleaning. We are still finding directory websites that have our old address, just today I found some old information floating around. Clients find our old address online and get frustrated when they go to the wrong location. Even if you haven't changed locations, like we did, is your companies information correct on all the online business directories?

To find out type your company name or address into a Google, a Yahoo, a Bing, and all the other search engines and see what comes up. With new business directories popping up almost everyday it is good to check to see if your listing is correct. Depending on what source the directory is using it could have the incorrect information and then you could be losing clients.

With other companies doing the same thing as you are, you need to make sure perspective clients can find YOU first.

When someone does a search for where to buy area rugs, I want them to also find Luv-A-Rug even though we clean rugs not sell them. Why? Because then when it is time for them to get their rugs cleaned they remember our name. Plus we give advice the different types of rugs and where to buy them in Victoria, BC. If you keep your business focus too narrow then you could be losing out on a huge audience of clients.

People like to find out about companies before they call or visit. It saves a lot of time when they can compare products and services at the same time instead of calling. Make sure that they find you when they do an Internet search.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary-not just for area rug cleaning.