Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shag Area Rugs.......Good or Bad?

At Luv-A-Rug we see many shags come in for cleaning every week most of them have become the dogs or cats litter box. To little Fido a shag rug looks and acts just like outside so why not use it. That is not why you bought the shag rug, you bought it because it may have invoke a sentimental childhood response, plus they look really good in the store display.

Shag rugs don't have to be a temporary if they are used in the right areas in your home. Shag rugs are perfect for a bedroom on in an area that isn't walked on a lot. The more a shag is walked on the quicker it can wear out and become unlovable.  Just like any other kind of rug they make good shags and bad shags. The quality of a shag can depend on the way it is constructed, either glued, woven, or sewn together. It can also depend on the manufacturer and their quality standards. 

When thinking of purchasing a Shag rug think about where you will put it in your house and how much use it will get. Also give the fibers a little tub or rub your hand in a circle over them to make sure it isn't going to shed easily.
This Shag rug is one of the newest fiber textures. It is felted wool and the fibers are almost two inches long and half inch think. These rugs are beautiful to look at and so cushy to walk on.

These kinds of shags do not stand up well in high traffic areas. Keep in mind that the fibers mushroom out after being walked on for awhile and this cannot be fixed.

Shag area rugs are the high maintenance area rugs. You need to vacuum them and get them professionally cleaned more often than regular area rugs. Vacuuming can be bothersome, but by turning the rug upside down and vacuuming the back first and then using the upholstery brush on the top fibers you will remove a lot more of the loose dirt, plus you may find a few lost treasures too.

Shag rugs are an easy way to give any room a burst of colour and texture, just keep in mind that they require more attention and care when it comes to keeping them looking their best.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary