Saturday, May 22, 2010

How much is too much to pay for an area rug?

Have you ever thought you paid too much for your area rug?

It can feel that way when you go out rug shopping and everything you love is 3 times more than you expected to pay. You may go to an auction house to buy rugs and get a great deal, but what would you buy if you have an unlimited budget?

If you are an avid collector, wealthy, live in a foreign country, and have to have the best and rarest of items you may consider buying one of the following area rugs:

The first rug you may choose to purchase is the Pearl Carpet of Baroda. Last year it went for 5.5 million at auction. It is made with pearls, and precious gems.

It was commissioned in c1865 as a gift for Mohammad of Medina's tomb. It never made it to the tomb. It is now in a private collection somewhere in Qatar.

Now obviously this rug is never meant to be a floor rug, but it is a great example of the amazing workmanship that goes into making a rug. It is a very extravagant example and makes me wonder more about the person(s) who made the rug more so than why it was made.  I also wonder if this is a one of a kind rug. Did the weaver(s) make any other pearl and gem rugs that no one spoke or wrote about? Were the weavers killed after it was finished so that they couldn't take credit for it and make more pearl rugs? Many questions, no answers.

For most admirers of the rug they will only look at the beauty and rarity of the rug and not really think too much about the weavers.As we all know it is about the people in the spotlight more so than the guy who makes the set.

The other rug that might tickle your fancy is the "Vase" Kirman (Kerman) rug. It was just purchased for a cool ten million dollars at auction.

It is rumoured to also reside in Qatar. This rug is 5x11 feet and is also master-crafted.  You may have noticed that the most valuable and rare rugs have little history about them. Not knowing why a rug as made or it's exact origins adds mystery and we all love a good mystery.

Some day if you find yourself with more money than you know what to do with I would suggest moving to Qatar and starting your on rare item collection.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary