Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Great Service & Great Clients

Last Saturday we delivered a clients area rugs back to her. We had cleaned them all and did machine binding on one. She was so happy with our service that she wrote blog post about it.

She found Luv-A-Rug through my blog, which is awesome in itself. It just goes to show how having a strong Internet presence helps your business.

For me personally it makes e feel good knowing that my blog helps Luv-A-Rug and that people enjoy reading it.

Here is the link to her fantastic testimonial

To all the business people who write blogs and are getting discouraged that they are wasting their time:

I know how it feels to pour your sweat into blog posts and feel like it useless. I also know that people do read my blog and it adds a human touch to your website.

Not everyone who reads my blog leaves comments, but most do let me know that they do read it, especially when they call Luv-A-Rug and they get to talk to the actual author.

Keep pouring your heart out in your blog. It is worth it!

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary