Saturday, March 20, 2010

Client Compliments = Humble Rug lover

Today I had a humble, thankful moment.

A couple came in to pick up their clean wool area rug and we got chatting about area rugs.

I had talked a bit with the husband last week when he dropped the rug off. I had mentioned that when shopping for a new rug to smell and rub the rug. Sounds silly, but with some of the new hand tufted rugs they can smell bad or shed and neither is desired in an area rug.

The rug they own had come all the way from Texas, USA. They got the rug at an amazing price because it was a custom order that someone didn't like. The rug came with them to Victoria, BC and now to us for cleaning.

They asked me about where to buy rugs in Victoria, which lead to a deep discussion about the different types of rugs, how and where they are woven.

I showed them some different types and what made that rug a Persian, or Turkish and so on. When I get talking about area rugs I can go on for awhile. It is something I enjoy learning about and sharing with clients.

The client made the comment that I was lucky to be able to do my passion as a job. I found that amusing because the job came first then the passion grew from there. I knew nothing about area rugs three years ago, but I love learning new things and I absorb everything quite quickly.

My boss has said that I learned about area rugs faster than anyone he has trained before. I have been given many great compliments about my knowledge of area rugs and I am always grateful.

Thanks to all the people who listen to me go on about area rugs, RugloverMary