Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Part 2-After the repair

In November I wrote about a wool tufted area rug that was in for repair and cleaning

Here is what the rug looked like after we did our magic to it.

It looks like a brand new rug!!!!


My video skills are still in the learning stages as you can see.

I am so pleased, as are the owners of the rug, at how awesome it looks.

You may be asking, 'Why we didn't just re-glue the existing backing?' Answer is that the old backing was too weak. Re-gluing it would have caused more problems and the client wouldn't have been happy, especially if the back ripped where we didn't glue it.

With us re-doing the whole back and binding the sides this rug will last for years.

Plus it is one less rug in the landfill!!

Thanks for reading and viewing, RugloverMary