Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rug Hooking Blogs Explosion

It took me two days, but I caught up on my blog reading. I follow seven rug hooking blogs, even though I do not hook rugs, and seven area rug blogs.

Everyone had lots to say about the wonderful projects that they are working on. I get a bit overwhelmed when I read some of the rug hooking blogs because I want to start rug hooking, but it seems like you need a lot of storage space for wool pieces.

I am already over run by my crocheting yarn and scrap booking paper and craft accessories. I have no doubt that when I decide to seriously take up rug hooking I will have no trouble finding space.
Last week we had a client come in with her three beautiful hand hooked rugs. Each one took her a year to do. I was thrilled to finally see what rug hooking looks like.

This is my favorite of the three rugs. The pattern is an old French needlepoint.

The owners friend was on a train in France when he saw a woman needle-pointing this pattern. He asked her where she got the pattern and Voila! a rug was born.

The pattern is called Chimera meaning fantasy animals. There are some beautiful teal accents in this rug that I love. Teal is my weakness colour. I am always drawn to it.

This little guy in the middle is my favorite. He has the same type of body expression my Chihuahua, Texas, has when I scratch him.

Here is the back of the rug.

The owner said that she used a number 3 cut wool to make the rug. Rug hookers will know what this means.

She prefers the #3 over the #4 cut. She told me that #4 cut is usually unused for the primitive designs.

The lady who did this rug also had hooked two rugs that have a Japanese lady in full dress. She said that for the outline of the design of the dress she used ONE thread of fabric to hook it. Yes one little thread.

She wanted to do three Japanese ladies, but after the second one she was done with dealing with the fine detailing. Fair enough, using thread to hook with doesn't sound easy. The end result would be beautiful that is for sure.

To all the wonderful ladies who hook rugs, keep up the great work. You works of art are very beautiful.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary