Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dirty Rugs are a Moth's beach front Property

Today is my last before I go on vacation to the tropical destination of Nova Scotia Canada.

It has been a very steady day of rugs getting dropped off for cleaning and going home all nice clean and healthy.

We had more rugs come in that started to be lunch for moth larva.

It can be quite a sight when we get in rugs that have moth activity. We look at them out in the parking lot, that way there is no chance of getting moth eggs and larvae in the shop.

After we measure the rugs and do a full inspection we roll them up and put them in plastic tubing. Further guaranteeing that no other rugs are in contact with the infected rugs.

Moth's had a very good winter since it didn't get very cold here in Victoria. A moth's favorite place to nest is in the rug that is stored in an attic or basement.

You know the one that you rolled up and put away six months ago, yeah that one.

If you didn't get it professionally cleaned before storing your dirty rug is prime real estate for infestations. Rodents and bugs love to make your dirty wool rug home.

Please save yourself the headache and money by getting your area rugs cleaned and properly wrapped for storage.

Luv-A-Rug can pick up your rug, clean and wrap it and deliver back to you hassle free. Call today 250-590-6210 / 1-800-886-2802. Your rug will thank you.

Thanks for reading, Ruglovermary