Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chinese Sheep Skin?

Every once in awhile an area rug comes to our shop that blows me away.

Last week we had one such an item brought to us from Galiano Island. The craftsmanship that this rug/wall hanging has is pretty amazing.

I tried to find more about these kinds of sheepskin wall hangings, but came up very empty.

I could not find anything thing close to this workmanship on other sites. I can not tell you if this was a custom order piece or if they are made for market. The design is Chinese, but the construction is not typical Chinese.

The five clawed dragons used to only be for royalty.

I wrote a blog about five clawed dragons back in January.

The scene is very tradition Chinese with the two dragons going after a ball.

The red ball represents perfection and the dragons are trying to obtain it.

The back of the rug shows how much work went into making this unique sheepskin. Every little piece cut and sewed perfectly in place.

Amazing! This is a treasure that will be loved for many, many years.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary